Learning Portuguese – Beginners (Live Training)


Learning Portuguese – Beginners (Live Training)

220.00 + IVA

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Learning Portuguese – Beginners (Live Training)

Aimed at:

Our course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn Portuguese.



  • Recognize and produce oral and written messages;
  • Communicate as efficiently as possible in everyday life, either work-related or personal


Course program:

  1. Listening
  • Recognize simple words and expressions in common use related to yourself, your family and the contexts in which you are inserted.
  1. Reading
  • Understand familiar names, very simple words and phrases, for example, in notices, posters or leaflets.
  1. Oral interaction
  • Ask and answer simple questions about known issues or areas of immediate need.
  1. Oral production
  • Use simple expressions and phrases to describe where you live, people you know and what you do for a living;
  • Describe the department in which it is inserted;
  • Describe roles and responsibilities in the company;
  • Describe the history of the company;
  • Compare companies in similar areas.
  1. Writing
  • Fill out a form with personal data, for example, with name, address, nationality;
  • Write emails;
  • Write a simple and short text related to your professional activity.



Course evaluation is continuous.


At the end of the action, approved students will receive a certificate.


Type of training: Live Training

Place: Virtual Room

Duration: 20 hours


*Condições especiais para empresas, consulte-nos.

Consulte aqui os nossos termos e condições.